The Text That Made Salad Better

I was eating salad and garlic bread by myself when my son’s teacher texted me with quarantine instructions.

What the shit?!? Well. Damn. Okay. Now what?

Looks like he was in contact with an asymptomatic kid in class today and now gets to stay home for the next few days. We didn’t have this happen last year all through in-person school, I’m honestly surprised it took this long.

What makes it worse it that my wife is traveling for work this week. She already gets quite a lot of “mom guilt” because her job has her on the road a lot at times.

It’s probably all good. Knock on wood, but this current variant seems to be less virulent if a great deal easier to spread. I made sure to eat the rest of my salad anyway just in case I need the vitamins in the coming days.

Then I texted my boss jokingly that at least this was happening at the same time I’m training 5 new sales reps, still hitting quota and learning to be a national sales manager. He texted back the obligatory “lolz”.

So it goes. But then I started thinking about it. Even with a packed work schedule I’ll still spend more time with my oldest son over the next few days.

It won’t be too long before I’d give anything to spend this kind of time with him.

As for tomorrow? Well it’s just another day in paradise.

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