Man’s Search For Meaning Ends In Failure: Instead Finds Need to Take a Shower

When you start writing every day, you’re going to write about some bullshit from time-to-time.

In the last 8 months, I’ve covered topics like cactus flowers, trampoline parks and powered wheelchairs in addition to the usual dad stuff.

As such, you start finding meaning in lots of things. A trip to the park yields some new insight. An afternoon walk with the dog unlocks some novel way of looking at a problem.

Inspiration is everywhere when you start looking for it.

So when you have a day when everything goes sideways fast, you’d think there would be fertile ground to find something to write about.

With both kids home in various pandemic protocols, work demands growing and the wife out on work travel there should have been plenty of opportunity to find some heretofore unseen or unrealized wisdom.

But there wasn’t.

I’ll bet ocean survivors don’t actually remember much about their ordeals because they’re simply concerned with keeping their head above water.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

I won’t pretend it was perfect. My 4-year old reminded me I hadn’t fed him lunch at 2pm. The house was destroyed. I had constant interruptions in every meeting today, which must have been exhausting to my colleagues.

Reinforcements are coming however, as mommy is on her way back early from her work trip.

I miss my wife when she’s gone, but I enjoy the time alone with the kids. This time however, she can’t get back soon enough.

Daddy needs to take a shower.  

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