Let’s Talk About Streaking

Are you in the middle of building something every day right now? Good. Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

No, I’m not talking about running around naked. All the perverts can stop reading. No, I’m talking about finally crossing off those big, hairy, audacious goals that sit unfulfilled on bucket lists all over the world.

Do you want to get something done? I mean for real? There’s an easy formula.

Work on it every day. Never again tolerate days of “zero progress”.

Do you want to get stronger? Do things that make you stronger. And do them every day.

Want to kick a bad habit? Go one day without. Then go another. Then another.

Want to get back in shape? Get off your ass and do something today. Then do it again tomorrow.

Want to get promoted? Bring infectious energy and attitude in everything you do. It makes a difference fast.

Want to be a writer? Write every day. Want to be a better parent? A better spouse or partner? Work on it. Work on it each day. Small action defeats glorious inaction every single time.

Habits are remarkably powerful prompts for humans. We quickly create emotional attachments with “streaks”. Regardless of what it is, once we have a streak of consecutive days that we have done something, it’s tough to give that up. Nobody likes losing things that matter to them.

So don’t do it.

Hold onto the rope. Don’t stop doing those things that are bringing you closer to your goals.

Begin today, and then find a way to keep going. Because in most things it really doesn’t matter what day we find ourselves on, be it our first day or our hundredth day. The fact that it’s not day zero means we’re in the arena.

It could be the day that changes everything.

Keep going.

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