Parent Creators: The Night is Dark and Full of Grind Culture

As any parent in the time of Covid can attest; the days are long and it’s been a hell of a week.

With both my kids home on various protocols and my wife away for work travel until Thursday, it was a kind of a fuckin’ beating now that I think about it.

I mean that in the very best way of course.

Then again, I got to spend all week with my kids at a fun and unique age

At work, I’m in a weird spot transitioning from peer to manager for our sales team. While I expected this to have its awkward moments, it feels like I’m starting to build trust as a leader; which is personally gratifying in a way I never expected to feel.

There were challenges galore. Challenges that would have gotten the best of me a couple years ago.

Now I know better, however. I know to not let myself get bogged down when the world feels like it’s crashing down, but rather to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

We solve one problem at a time, we keep moving forward.

“One-day-at-a-time” doesn’t just work for addicts and cancer-patients. It’s literally how the world works.

Win today; be in a better position tomorrow.

If you are lucky enough to live to age 80, you’ll have about 4,000 weekends. This is one of them.

We don’t have the luxury of time to stop working on what’s most important to us.

I came here to say, “Welcome to the Weekend”.

But maybe “Welcome to the Grind” is more appropriate.

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