If Everyone You Meet Is an Asshole, Guess What? You’re the Asshole

Today I had the great opportunity to look like a real jerk to some folks in another department at work.

I was so eager to defend my team’s turf that I didn’t get all the information before firing off a less-than-awesome email. After all that bravado about how writing transformed my work for the better, sometimes there can be drawbacks to being able to quickly write highly descriptive messages.

Cool. Cool. Cool.

Predictably, I later had to send one of those emails that start with “I Was Wrong and I’m Sorry” in the subject line. No amount of writing practice makes those easier.

But I also learned something. I learned that maybe the best thing to say first as a leader is a simple, “Let me check into that.” A new reminder that “Fools speak before they know” got taped to my office wall tonight. My zeal to try and prove I have “what it takes” to be a manager blinded me.

I was so eager to prove my loyalty that I forgot to prove my competency first.

There are times I wish I was one of those people that learns well from the mistakes of others. But I’m not. So it goes.

On the other hand, one of my new reps knocked it out the park today in what is usually a tense Tuesday review meeting; not to mention personally scratching out 8% of monthly quota between meetings.

Two steps forward, one step back. Another day in the arena.

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