Why You Don’t Have a Sunday Night Routine that Sets You Up For Success All Week

For years I’ve tried to create the perfect Sunday night checklist.

What mix of physical, mental and emotional practices could I tap into that would give me the advantage Monday morning? Does such a routine even exist? Or have I spent too much time reading BuzzFeed articles?

Maybe I’m overthinking this?

Maybe it’s “analysis paralysis” on another potentially beneficial set of habits I’m missing out on because I lack discipline.

I started thinking about this in the context of this stupid writing streak, now 250+ days young. Why was this habit successful? It was wasn’t because I wrote a couple times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was because I did it every damn day until it became part of my day.

In that moment, everything was clear.

One of the more positive and nuanced parts about getting older is that you learn to leverage your strengths and come to terms with your limitations. Over the years I have learned that I’m pretty much “all in or nothing at all”. I’ve accepted this and now know how to outsmart the lazy side of me that chose “nothing at all” for far too long.

It comes down to consistency, and we probably have the same reason for falling short here.

The reason you don’t have a Sunday night routine is because you don’t have an “EVERY” night routine.

Build better habits; build a better life.

Every streak starts with Day 1.

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