The Hero’s Journey Meets Its Match: The Deafening Crickets of the Internet’s Indifference

As the sun sets on my fifth cohort of Ship 30 for 30, it’s time for more reflection from the open ocean.

I love the essays about how lives have been changed. If you were like me, all you needed was the gentle shove, the little nudge, perhaps even permission to get started, fail, and try again.

A man who is wise beyond his years once told me that “Literally nobody is waiting around for you to post something on the internet today.”

For my fragile little ego, it was exactly the hard truth I needed to hear.

The truth that I hadn’t earned jack shit when it came to earning the precious commodity of people’s attention;

The truth that only being vulnerable and getting into the arena can bring;

The truth that sometimes we just have to make a decision and then do the damn thing;

That sometimes I would write junk. That sometimes I would write mildly interesting essays;

That sometimes I would be tired and write about seemingly mundane goings-on that resonated with many;

That sometimes I would pour my heart into something only to be met with the deafening crickets of the internet’s indifference.

It’s humbling. And strangely comforting. And absolutely maddening.

But I also love the crickets. It means I showed up today, no m

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