Today’s Story: Over-Confident Dad Gets Crass Reminder From Child that He Knows Nothing

My wife has been traveling all week for work and has abandoned me with our children.

I kid. Plus, she gets back tomorrow.

This trip went better than the last one. Nobody got Covid. The kids weren’t home from school in quarantine protocols at a critical time in the sales month. We didn’t run out of milk.

Pretty much smooth sailing this time around.

Broccoli has been properly snuck into their cheesy pasta. Lunches have been duly and truly prepared. I’ve even gotten them to school on time.

Yeah, I was feeling pretty swell about this whole “Dad” thing tonight.

It’s rare that I feel like I got a good handle on that part.

Tonight, as I was singing “Amazing Grace” to my oldest, he stopped me between the first and second verses. He had an critically important question.

He asked in a whisper if “heart” and “fart” rhymed…

He giggled, made me finish the song, rolled over and went to sleep.

What a life.

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