Why Do Insights Seem Close When There Ain’t No Sunshine?

Do you ever feel like some key knowledge or insight is imminent, but still just out of grasp?

Strange memories roll around in my head this cold night in Ohio. My wife got home fine from her work travel, relieving me of my watch. I recorded my first podcast and got into some big themes on fatherhood, mortality, and legacy.

And yet some essential truth seems to elude me here.

Sometimes I wish I had the words for the cloudy days. The days when your thoughts are so jumbled that you can’t even make sense of them yourself. When writing doesn’t even help distill their meaning and measure.

I guess the sun doesn’t shine every day, both literally and figuratively.

But clouded thoughts can lead to asking better questions of ourselves. Questions that ground us like what are we grateful for? And questions that inspire action like what opportunities are now ripe for the taking?

In today’s world of distraction, we deny ourselves the time to properly sort out our thoughts.

Instead, we start scrolling our questions and ponderings away. Tap, tap, tap. One swipe at a time, further and further away from the answers that could change everything.

We can choose to focus in this world of infinite diversion.

We can choose to listen to the whispers. We can tap into our instincts and intuition to help guide tough decisions. We can choose to stop making ourselves numb.

Embrace the clouds.

The sun is just behind them.

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