A Story About a Late Bloomer:It’s Not Too Late

Did you know the moment when your career hit the proverbial tipping point?

Tomorrow will bring the beginning of the end stages of a work project that has consumed me since last October.

When I think back to what the challenge was at the time, it seemed insurmountable. I didn’t know if I had the skills. I didn’t know if I had the temperament. I didn’t know if I had the “right stuff”.

I still don’t have all these answers; but I do have some good early results, which are encouraging.

That opportunity came about because I saw the time value of my money and effort, which was the result of a stupid side hustle that earns me a fraction of what my day job brings in.

But that side hustle brought two things that I’d previously lacked; awareness of how I spent my time and awareness of what that time was worth.

Those realizations changed everything. It dawned on me that the best opportunity I currently had was my own current job. So, I went to work with renewed vigor and discipline. That new attitude spurred a massive increase in my sales results, which led to an opportunity to assume a leadership role in my organization, just the sort of break I had long sought.

In each of these cases, I couldn’t see far enough around the corner to know precisely when these chances would appear.

The simple fact that I put my head down and went to work every day made me ready when the opportunities I was looking for came knocking.

It didn’t happen quickly.

It happened the way most things happen, both good and bad; slowly and first and then all at once.

Tomorrow is Monday.

Want to get noticed? Do things worth noticing.

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