Kicking Off the Weekend with a Moment of Pure Joy

One of the best things about being a dad is watching your children’s minds expand right before your eyes.

Today I was holding my infant at the end of the workday, grateful for the weekend and happy to be holding my sweet baby. In my office is a copper star ceiling light we picked up from a trip to Mexico years ago. He pointed up to the light and babbled “That” from behind his pacifier.

I flicked on the light and saw the most amazing thing.

When he saw the starry, multicolored lights, I watched as his pupils dilated and a wide-eyed smile spread across his entire face.

He squealed with glee and reached out for the star. I lifted him up so he could get a closer look. The look of wonder and amazement on his face was nothing short of divine.

After a full week of work and on the grind, I am so thankful to have witnessed such a pure moment.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make us step back and appreciate it all.

One day all too soon, that little baby won’t be astounded by such things, it’ll just be another pretty bauble. One day all too soon, he won’t need me to pick him up to see the world on his terms. One day all too soon, he won’t want me to pick him up at all.

But for today, Dad got to share in that amazement.

I pray he never loses that sense of wonder.

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