Today’s Story: Frantic Father Gets Two Unsupervised Hours Without Kids Before Wife Leaves for Week, Tries to Do All the Things and Remembers an Important Lesson

Want to know about trying to do too much?

Have your wife take the kids for two hours and leave you to your own devices before she goes a week-long trip.

Being my last opportunity for truly alone time, I got to work.

I’m watching college baseball while writing this essay. During the commercials, I drop this and run to the PlayStation for mental timeouts 2 minutes at a time.

I also did a 5-minute meditation on Headspace, did 50 pushups, two 60 second planks, and stretched out. I made $4 on the internet. I then noticed my kindergarten teacher started following me. I think this aspect of social media is amazing!

Then I ran outside to practice disc golf putting in the freezing cold. This was a mistake, but I appreciated being outside in the sunshine.

Cookies may have been eaten, without guilt, in plan view, on the couch.

Then again, maybe they weren’t. No one else was here to see, except the doggo. And good dogs tell no tales.

More often than not, I write about interactions with my kids and wax philosophical on the nature of fatherhood itself. Today was about remembering to take care of myself and do things that I enjoy outside of being a dad.

Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend.

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