A Love Letter to My Wife Abandoning Me to Mexico Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, my wife leaves for a Mexico, abandoning me with our dear, sweet children for a week.

Before all you divorce lawyers out there start DM’ing me, let me explain.

It’s the fruition a family wedding trip postponed long ago due to Covid. It was supposed to go down in 2020, but instead it’s now. Better late than never I guess.

It will be a well-deserved respite for mommy.

My wife is an event planner. As such, she is “volunteered” to plan everything from family holidays, to vacations, to birthday parties and everything in between; not her fault. Then she goes over the top and it’s totally awesome every time, which is totally her fault.

For the sake of example, consider this:

She no-shit hired 5 high school girls to run the yard games at our oldest son’s last birthday party. We aren’t rich folks. She negotiated these young ladies down to a reasonable rate and voila: babysitting for every parent at the party. Magical.

She rarely gets to just enjoy herself, which is why this trip is important.

Meanwhile, I have some projects going on that are at critical junctures and need a steady and focused hand right now. In the past, this is just the time when I would have let off the gas. I was afraid of failure, sure, but also afraid of success.

Now I know better.

And here I am with a golden opportunity to not just continue building momentum on important career aspirations and passion projects but help give my wife a break from the grind. And the noise. And our darling children.

So rest up my love.

You deserve it.

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