5 Simple Words to Maximize Your Opportunities and Change the Game Forever

I am shit at finishing.

Wait. No. Those aren’t the five words that will maximize your opportunities and change the game forever. Bear with me.

For years, I tried to abide by a simple mantra:

1.       Get up

2.       Show up

3.       Finish

Much of the time, I was pretty good about the first two. But I almost always faltered at the end.

I was great at starting things. I was crap at finishing them.

Years down the line, I realize this is why most of my opportunities were one-offs. That must have been disappointing to those who gave me those opportunities only to watch me squander them. Not exactly the best feeling.

I also used to let a single failure define things.

Who knows how close I may have been to some of my goals if I’d only just gotten back up and tried again? But here is some great news: we can change this about ourselves; we can become more resilient. The only problem: to not be bothered by failure we must embrace the shit out of failure.

And there’s the catch.

That’s hard and it takes time to callus ourselves against our fears, doubts, and insecurities. But take heart for while they are formidable, they are far from invincible.

So get up off your ass. Show up with big energy to the party.

And finish what you started.

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