A Loving Dad Moment Locked In Time During a Week that Put Much Into Perspective

I rubbed my hands together as I sat down to write today.

Mommy has returned from her trip. The baby went down for a nap. The 4-year-old was having a snack after swim class and watching some cartoon in German on his iPad (he doesn’t speak German).

My plans included catching up on messages, writing my essay for today and working on a thread (you know, gotta feed that follower count beast lolz).

Then the kid finished his snack and came to sit on my lap while I was at the table working, like a cat.

My initial reaction was mild annoyance. It was the first time all week I’d not had either work or both kids to wrangle. I thought to myself, what the hell I can’t even get a few minutes to work on my own projects?

Then it hit me.

Cherish this moment with your oldest.

Before I know it, he’ll be too cool to want to hang out with me.He won’t want to share his snack while we talk about meerkats and the Dia de los Muertos. It won’t be so effortless, and I’ll have to step up my game to stay connected and relevant.

But for today, there was still joy and laughter and wrestling with Daddy.

Given the events of this week, that felt more poignant than usual and I felt immense gratitude.

Treasure the good things in your life. We are guaranteed nothing.

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