Taking a Day Off to Celebrate the Small Wins of February = Next Level Motivation

I took the day off from work.

This basically meant I sat upstairs and worked on my laptop rather than sitting in the cold basement working on two laptops.

But it also gave me the much-needed respite.

February was personally a smashing success, although that feels quite hollow considering what’s transpired in geopolitics over the last week. But it was the kind of month I could only have dreamed of even a year ago. It’s amazing what can happen when we stop getting in our own way.

At the end of January I felt a bit hollow and empty, despite progress in all directions. I didn’t take the time to celebrate my wins, and as a result I felt burned out and tired. It was a good lesson.

Today I celebrated the wins of the month of February. I walked my kids to and from school. I played with the dog in the yard. I got some sunshine. I didn’t go anywhere near the office.

The grind will still be there tomorrow.

The siren’s song calls to us: a song of essays, threads, comments, DM’s, cross-posting, SEO, analytics, and rising to fill an ever-expanding creative itch.

Some of still work our days jobs and haven’t gone all in. And least not yet.

Some of us have turned to this brave new world of self-determination to make their stand.

But every day, we pick ourselves up and come back to the arena for more.

And maybe if we are lucky, we have some balance in our life to go along with it. And some friends to make the journey go a little easier and to encourage us along the way.

When we fully commit, however, we can’t wait to get back to that same work that’s wearing us down all the same. After a day’s rest, I’m ready for it again. The alarm clock is already set.

So, rise and shine sweetheart.

Welcome to the grind.

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