Masks and the Man in the Mirror in the Social Media Age

In honor of it being Fat Tuesday, let’s talk about masks.

To some degree, we all wear masks at times. When we need to persuade, when we need to impress and even when we lack confidence about ourselves.

I used to hide behind a shiny veneer of accomplishments mainly born from timing, luck, and privilege.

The problem with that stuff is when the lights come on, it doesn’t stand up to the ones that really worked for it.

As such I would get close to what I wanted, but then fall short.

In the end it’s kind of perfect for the social media age; it looks nice without the full context. With the full story, you only wonder what could have been.

It changed when I started actually chasing my hopes and dreams instead of spending my time trying to convince the world I already was.

Drop the masks.

Drop the excuses.

And then drop the hammer.

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