Turning Pity Parties and Poopie Pants into Plans for Conquering Monday

Ever felt like all your momentum just came to a crashing halt?

That was about 4pm today. Friday afternoon, no less.

I took the day off, fat and happy from a stellar individual sales performance last month. I figured that taking over leadership of my sales team full-time next month would leave me little time for leisure, so it was time to enjoy the calm before the storm. I have a weekly call with my boss on Friday, which I left on the calendar, thinking it was good face time anyway.

Then I got my ass handed to me.

For all my self-satisfaction about my good numbers from the last month, it wasn’t even brought up. It wasn’t even mentioned. The team not reaching their target as a whole was the only topic.

And the million dollar question: why didn’t you do more for your team?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just lost cabin pressure.

The realization that my individual accolades now meant jack shit was humbling in a rather unpleasant and unexpected way for a Friday afternoon.

Welcome to the next level, where it’s back to the bottom I guess.

There was also the sickening reality that I left points on the field. I chased my own goals. There WAS more I could have done to help others succeed.

Having a great month as an individual salesperson is fine, but as a leader it wasn’t enough. Not even close.

I keep saying I know what I asked for. But do I?

At first, I thought “Great, now I have all weekend to stew about it.”  Until it hit me. I don’t have all weekend to pout; I have all weekend to plan and scheme.

And come Monday, it’s time to change the game.

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