Choosing the Good Wolf 10 Minutes to Midnight

It’s 10 minutes to midnight and my wife and I just got home from a night out with friends.

We went to an “adult prom” with friends after a nice dinner out.

We ate. We drank. We talked. We danced. We laughed.

And it was all normal again. It felt normal. It looked normal.

As it seems like we are rounding out of the pandemic sometimes, I feel so thankful for this time. It’s an unpopular opinion, but the reset was precisely what I needed.

The version of me that comes out of this time is a much different version than the one that started this era, almost two years ago to the day.

Thank God for that. I was on a bad path two years ago but snapped myself out of it and got back to living my life.

One of my favorite parables is about the Cherokee grandfather telling his grandson about the two wolves battling within us all. He tells his grandson that one wolf represents virtue, courage, love, truth, and joy. The other represents hardship, anger, jealousy, fear and hate. The little one thinks for a moment before asking which one wins. The wise old grandfather responds, “The one you feed.”

Life during the time of Covid was the most consequential period of my life. I ended up feeding the good wolf and came out the other side a different person than the one that went in.

The decisions you make about your life, today, could make all your tomorrows better.

Choose the good wolf.

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