2 Tiny Thoughts for Those Starting Epic Creator Journeys of a Lifetime

First let’s start with the harsh truth and get that out of the way.

If you think you’ll find fame, fortune and overnight success in played-out tropes; you probably won’t.


That same path has been worn by people who write way better than you and I ever will.

So give that shit up.

You’ll find your groove; and you probably won’t even realize that the very things that make your life unique and interesting is what really hooks people to your story.

And there is the beautiful truth.

The internet can seem like a big place. Daunting even.

Events of the last two weeks have rendered this a different world. You may feel that your voice is diminished in importance or value, given the life and death struggle of others.

Don’t feel that way.

Your stories matter now more than ever.

Don’t be afraid to tell them. Don’t be afraid to open up to complete strangers. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

That’s when you’ll learn things; sometimes even things you may not want to learn.

Like when you spend a great deal of time and emotional effort on something only to post it to the deafening crickets of the internet’s indifference.

There’s a rough and rugged road to travel, so buckle up.

If you are starting on Day 1, I am only 10 months, 297 essays, and 100,000 words ahead of you. And I can already guarantee you, this transformation is worth it.

See you out there.

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