The Procrastination Monsters that Keep Us From Living Our Best Lives

Have you ever realized you’ve been avoiding certain tasks and justify it by doing other things you deem “productive”?

That’s been me all week. I’d been avoiding some minorly bothersome “to-do’s” that were quickly growing into giant procrastination monsters.

Luckily, I took my own advice for once.

I wrote down my top 5 priorities (it became 8 over the course of the day) and hammered away at them relentlessly. As a result, I knocked out some unsavory action items I’d been avoiding, made all my meetings, and still scratched out 12% of my last monthly quota as an individual contributor.

Procrastination monsters will cause even the strongest among us to wither.

It was like that with writing for a long time.

I knew it was the keystone habit that would unlock other aspects of my potential by developing discipline, confidence, and creativity. And yet, I wouldn’t do it. I was scared. I was avoiding the thing.

Some people came along that helped me get over that fear and those insecurities.

And now here we are 299 days later, and literally everything has changed.

If you feel a calling, indulge it. Explore it. Lean into it. Leave the safe and comfortable confines our of cushy little lives and set sail on a new adventure where literally anything can happen.

It all starts with one decision.

One small decision.

Become what you’ve always known you are.

Hit the publish button and change your life forever.

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