Brutal Consistency and the Path of Everyday Resistance

After writing for 300 straight days (now 301 I guess) I got to have a nice layup yesterday.

But there were lots of comments and questions about consistency. Questions about where the time comes from. Questions about my sanity.

If you spend much time around “writing Twitter” you’ll notice some themes pop up time and again.

These tend to be the common themes of creative and high-achieving people. They range from habit formation to personal knowledge management to visualization and mindfulness.

We sign up for 30 day or 90 day “challenges” with the hope of finding a new keystone behavior that drives our success and fortunes.

The problem is we stop there. We do short-term work expecting long-term change. I’m not so good at math, so I asked one of my friends who is a mathematician, and she said the math doesn’t check out.

The only way to determine if a behavior will induce lasting change is by taking the long road. Sure, you could develop a writing habit in 30 days if you do it every day, but so what?

What are you going to do with it?

Do you even know what power you could have? What influence you could potentially have on others? What clarity you could gain and what discipline you could develop?

You don’t.

Because you won’t go there. You won’t follow it to the end.


The answers are out there. But you have to go long enough to find them.

So get going.

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