Trampoline Sunsets and Why These are My Good Old Days

Ohio has weird weather this time of year; it snowed on Saturday, today it was 60 degrees (16 C).

It was a cloudless day of brilliant sun and rising expectations of Spring. If only all Monday’s shared such similar weather, we’d probably tolerate them better.

After school and work, my kids and I went outside to play. We played on the trampoline, running around and sliding on the remnants of the leaves from the Fall; falling down and laughing, getting up and doing it all over again.

Both of them cried when it was time to go get cleaned up for bedtime.

As I stood there watching my children play in the lingering light of the sunset, I realized yet again how truly fortunate I am. And how much I have to look forward to in being a father to these two boys and teaching them to take on the world. And then how to take care of themselves when that day comes and I’m gone.

My wife and I got them cleaned up, the stories got read, and off to dreamland they went. I reminded them they are the most precious gifts from God.

On the inside, I recalled in humble gratitude how my children saved me from myself.

From time-to-time pictures of my father, now passed, show up on our Echo Show. No matter what I’m doing, I stop and wait until that picture fades to the next, a memory flashed in time.

I wish he could be here now.

Because these are my good old days.

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