Midlife Crisis? More Like Midlife Renaissance, Bro.

When I was younger, I feared this age in my life.

I turned 39 today.

A singular, fundamental change happened in the last year that made this the most fulfilling and compelling year of my life. I quit waiting around for things to happen to me, and went out and made them happen. Instead of waiting for the right time, the right conditions, or the right plan; I went after what I wanted.

I started actually going for the things that were important to me rather than spending my time and energy trying to convince the world I already was.

Which led to a couple embarrassing failures at first.

But there was a difference this time. Instead of hiding away in shame, I learned from my mistakes and started moving forward instead. I humbled myself at the altar of the ego (this sucks).

With humility came hunger for better results.

I kept showing up, learning, and getting better.

Brutal consistency became my new calling card; whether it came to sales, writing, and most importantly of all: being there for my family. That consistency led to discipline I’d never had before. And I started to get results I’d never gotten before.

And now the path is more exciting and more interesting than ever. Possibilities that I never even considered mere months ago now seem tantalizingly close.

The old adage is true.

It’s never too late to become what you might have been.

So get going.

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