The Ultimate Way to Hotwire the Law of Attraction

I’ve tried and failed to read Napoleon Hill’s seminal work “Think and Grow Rich” at least 4 times now.

Because it’s kind of bullshit.

At least that’s what I thought on the first failed read-through, specifically because I got to the part about the Law of Attraction. If you’re not familiar, in a nutshell the law of attraction is the belief that positive thought will manifest itself in real life. In other words, happy thoughts lead to happy life.

In other, other words: complete and utter bullshit.

Or so I thought.

Like most disappointments in my life, it’s because I didn’t take it far enough. I didn’t follow the idea to see if there was a pot of gold at the end. I cashed in credit before there was enough debit to take out.

Until I started writing every day.

I started writing about my family. I wrote about my hopes and dreams and aspirations. I wrote about what the best parts of my day were.

And set my subconscious mind to work.

I now see that going to sleep confused and waking up clear and confident was a result of that subconscious mind sorting out how to get around the obstacles to my desires.

Once you become clear with yourself about what you want to do, you will naturally begin to create the conditions to make it happen.

And from there, well, that’s where things start to get interesting.

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