Cashing In Good Karma During Tropical Storm Arlene: Why You Shouldn’t Die on the Way to a Funeral

Yesterday I wrote about how finding a diamond ring for a lady helped restore my karmic balance.

I didn’t know how soon I was going to have to cash that in however.

Later that same summer, a friend of mine died from Non-Hodgins Lymphoma. She was brilliant, personable, authentic, and driven; just the type of person the world desperately needs more of. She was also 20 years old.

It was unfair in every sense. Unjust.

But such is life. And there’s nothing to do but move forward.

The morning of the funeral was nothing but high winds and slashing rains as the outer bands of Tropical Storm Arlene came ashore on the Gulf Coast. I was running late as I drove to Biloxi, MS for the funerary services. Luckily, the roads were empty that morning as I tried to make up time by speeding through the tunnel on Interstate 10 going under Mobile, Alabama.

As I emerged from the tunnel, I spied a large puddle of water on the road. Going too fast to avoid it, there was nothing to do but go straight through. I felt that uncomfortable lack of control as the back wheels of my Ford Explorer started to slide, sending me into a 540-degree spin and coming to a stop facing east in the westbound emergency lane having just slid across five lanes of traffic unscathed.

As I sat there wide-eyed in shock, one thought rippled through my danger-numbed mind, “I sure am glad I helped that lady find her ring.”

I turned the radio off, pulled back on the interstate, and drove slowly in silence the rest of the way there.

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