This Writing Community is Becoming My “Cheers”

It honestly never fails.

After a day of fielding customer calls, zoom meetings, and CRM I decided to go ahead and totally sink my energy levels by eating a heavy carb dinner and then sitting here on the couch. By myself. With no music. No television. Just me and this stupid laptop, staring blankly at one another and waiting for the other one to make the first move.

Feeling uninspired and lethargic, I came to see what the writing community served up today.

And was delivered.

Know what the number one creativity hack has been for over 300 straight days of writing? Hang out with other creative people.

There’s a reason artists used to hang together in Paris and shit back in the day. It was motivating. It was inspiring.

It was the very best kind of peer pressure when you have to summon your best just to keep up with the people you genuinely like spending time with.

So now after spending a few minutes reading the thoughts of talented friends and creators I’m ready to run through brick walls. I read essays about running, about social media strategy, about change management, and music, and biodiversity, and I could go on and on and on.

Spending time with the thoughts of great minds is never time wasted.

And after a day where I’m not sure whether I should claim victory or defeat, it’s a welcome respite to a place where the answers are a bit easier to find sometimes.

What a time. What a world. What a life.

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