The Infinite Wisdom of the Internet Makes Cowards of Us All

One of the great smokescreens of the internet is the infinite amount of wisdom, how-to videos, and user-guides to just about everything under the sun.

Advice and life-hacks flow in abundance and it’s hard to tell what might be best applicable to our own lives at times.

On one hand, we’ve got to go after our goals hard AF each day, smashing through barriers and tearing asunder all who stand in our path.

On the other, we’re supposed to stop and smell the roses; enjoy the journey and embrace the bumps along the way.

Which is right?

Much of that depends. And there’s the rub. The problem with having all this information, advice, and analysis at our fingertips is it lulls into thinking this “research” is actually progression.

The truth is progress is only found in the arena.

The answers to all the search engine questions of the world are rather simple.

What’s the best diet? What’s the best workout program? What’s the best way to save money? What’s the best way to get promoted? Or get better at golf? Or writing even?

The best of these is the one you actually do.

It doesn’t do much good having the best diet only one day a week. Or having the best workout routine but only do it once a month.

The secret to unlocking the full power of healthy behaviors is consistency.

And the secret to unlocking consistency is resolve.

Decide on the results you want.

Then stop waiting around; and go get them.

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