Timeline of Online Writing and Growth from Day 0 to Day 315

Recently inspired by timelines, here are some thoughts on a shorter but still dynamic period of growth and change.

Day 0: Ship30for30 starts tomorrow. I write on a yellow sticky note: “Hit the Publish Button and Change Your Life Forever” and affix it to the wall. I am scared. I am ready. I am excited.

Day 1: Up at 5:00 am ready to post my first essay. I am ready for the ensuing adulation and book deals that were sure to follow.

Day 2: Confusion as to why this hasn’t happened yet.

Day 21: It occurs to me that writing about played-out tropes is a dead-end. Instead, I start writing about philosophical dad moments, gardening, and how a period of being unhealthy almost cost me everything.

Day 30: The end of the beginning. I determine 30 days isn’t long enough to find the answers I seek. 500 days seems like a good round number to shoot.

Day 31: Onward to 500!

Day 71: During a breakout room in cohort #3, a fellow writer describes my essays as “philosophical dad stuff”. Ladies and gents: a niche has been “discovered” or written into more like.

Day 149: Get the call I’ve been waiting on for years promoting me to a position of people leadership at work.

Day 213: While working on a year-end review, I noticed my sales numbers trended up bigtime after starting Ship30 in May 2021

Day 214: Emailed Dickie to say I made a graph with a curious upwards trend. Dickie emails back to say “Hey, why don’t you write that up for the website?”

Day 248: Ship30for30 success story published.

Day 250: First $ made online. Game changer. Absolute fuckin’ game changer. An entire new world of possibilities now exists and like Aldous Huxley wrote, it’s a “Brave New World.”

After 300+ days, the world looks very different.

Everybody’s path is different. Get started on yours.

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