Change Your Habits, Change Your Destiny: Finding Freedom in an Unfree World

Tomorrow morning, I enter the homestretch of a grueling six-month long transition to management at work.

Getting what we want in career terms is rarely transactional; such as complete “x” and get “y”, but here we are. Events of the last year have led us to this point, and now it’s time to cash in our chips. Get your team to quota and then we can end-zone dance.

Always easier said than done with sales, but we’re on a good track and I’m feeling confident.

On January 4, 2021 I returned to work after a month off; time spent first to welcome our new baby, then to bury my father who’d passed just before Christmas.

I’d come back to a world of uncertainty. I had just been reassigned after a failed project, which sucked. And I’d also just been passed over for a promotion, causing me to seriously question my path and consider my options.

Even after so much progress in terms of physical health over that last year, something was missing.

A few months later, I started writing online every day.

Like so many people who have tread this path before, I quickly learned it wasn’t really about the writing. It was about the clarity that comes from organizing your thoughts; the discipline that comes from doing something difficult each day; and the focus that comes from distilling your most compelling hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

I didn’t just get better at writing; my life became better because of it.

That time I spent writing, formatting, and editing 317 essays in-a-row carried over into how I wrote marketing copy, sales campaigns, and customer contact plans. It carried over when I finally learned that being clear is better than being clever. And it carried over when I finally stopped sitting around waiting for things to happen and went out and made them happen instead.

Change your habits today.

Change your destiny tomorrow.

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