Why the Daily “LFG” Slays the Mythical Overnight Success Dragon

Tomorrow is graduation day.

My last day of personal sales quota responsibility.

After spending a great deal of energy helping my team meet their goals and hit bonuses for this month, I turned to my own business. The great thing about having a huge sales territory with a large customer bases is you can always hit the drum harder if you have to. And the last couple days I beat the ever-loving hell out of it.

Not that long ago in my life, I was so impatient for the things I wanted.

In fact, I was so impatient that I wouldn’t even get started working on those things. I just figured if I was impatient for long enough, something would happen and I’d either stumble into what I wanted or just find something else to aim for. Borderline insanity.

But last May I started writing and a weird thing happened along the way.

I got astonishingly better at my job because of it. Daily writing developed the discipline, clarity and focus that I’d always lacked, and it brought everything else together. I finally realized the power of sustained and intentional effort.

It occurred to me that the myth of the overnight success story kind-of pisses me off.

Upon reflection however, I realized I’ve learned to love the path of resistance. I now see that it’s given me confidence and experience I could have never otherwise gained. Because those attributes are only attained after going to the arena.

In less than a year, writing helped me fundamentally change my professional outlook and led to the most significant new opportunity of my career.

A year from now, what are you going to wish you did today?

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