What Did I Do to Deserve This? Savage April Fool’s Day Pranks by My Father and My Wife

My dad used to play April Fool’s pranks on me every year growing up.

His favorite was to say mom was pregnant and we should expect a new little brother (in real life that would have been sweet!). He used that every so often until I was well into my undergraduate years in college, which would have meant my mother was then in her fifties. I guess anything is possible these days.

He was a quiet man, but he loved a good practical joke.

My wife had a special bond with him. She found peace and comfort in his quiet strength and steadiness, almost like old friends from a previous life. Truth be told, they had an understanding relationship that nobody else had, and he adored her.

Since he passed a couple years back, she’s taken on the mantle of the April Fool’s Day prank.

Last year, after an odd insistence that I go golfing with some friends in the snow (Ohio in the springtime is weird), I came home to a front porch stacked 6-feet high with Amazon delivery boxes. My wife works as an event planner, so boxes show up every day, but this was just ridiculous. After muttering some choice words that got caught on the Ring, she burst out of the door yelling “April Fools”.

She got me good.

This year, I thought I was off the hook. Thinking there was no way she could do something like that again, I went about my day pretty much as normal. After walking home from school with my oldest, I noticed a just-opened box of Oreo cookies sitting on the kitchen counter.

I should have probably realized something was up; the rest of the countertop was spotless.

Thinking to myself a couple cookies before dinner never hurt anyone, I grabbed two and popped them in my mouth. I love my wife more than anyone in this world that isn’t my child, but today she tested it.

Because Oreo cookies filled with toothpaste are just plain wrong.

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