Acceleration Lanes and Parallels to the Creative Journey

I usually feel a bit nervous before long car trips.

Maybe it’s the sheer number of variables. Will it be good driving weather? Will there be any accidents? Will there be a long line at White Castle? Will Spotify serve up good vibes?

Questions within questions.

But then you get up the next day, pack up the car, and hit the road.

As you turn onto the highway or interstate, there’s an acceleration lane giving us room to pick up speed and merge with traffic. For the first few minutes after increasing our velocity, it feels so fast, but only in relative terms. After a short term, we become accustomed to the newer, faster pace and a sense of normalcy returns.

The sensation of speed and movement becomes part of our new reality.

The creative path is like that as well.

We feel fear, uncertainty, and even trepidation before the journey begins. The hardest part is getting started as we say goodbye to comfort and open ourselves up to the world for all to see. As we gain, momentum this can be both exciting and scary.

Like long car trips, the creative path has bumps along the way.

And maybe detours. And hopefully not, but maybe accidents. But there is also beauty. And wonders to behold. But you’ll never get there if you don’t get started.

So stop waiting, and hit the road.

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