Timeline of How Online Writing Resurrected My Career, Restored My Confidence, and Earned the Promotion I’ve Always Wanted

Day 1: The day that changed all my tomorrows. I don’t say that lightly. The day I finally learned literally no one in the world was waiting around for me to post that first essay. It was an ego check and drove home the essential truth that we are free the moment we wish to be.

Day 15: Fellow shipper Jeremy Ginn (@jwginn) does a voice post about the “Caller ID”. The main point is simple: what do people think of when your name shows up on the caller id? Is it the reaction you want them to have?

My mind was blown. I thought about how I showed up so inconsistently at work. I thought about how I showed up with my friends; aloof and unreliable. And I thought about how I showed up with my family; lost but now found, returned from the Wilderness but still unfocused.

I resolve to change what people felt when my name showed up from now on.

Day 31: The end of my first cohort of Ship30. I’ve made astonish gains in discipline, clarity, and focus. I figure if 30 days did so much good, 500 days should be even better.

I was not wrong.

Day 159: The day of a mentor meeting and I am pumped to report my progress. As I list off the number of things I’m doing, he stops me midsentence to ask what I’m doing to help others or if I’m just in it for myself.

Day 168: The call comes in. The challenge is simple. Achieve these objectives and get the promotion you want.

Day 320: After months of stacking results, the offer letter arrives along with incredible catharsis.

Day 321: My new boss tells me to chill the hell out and be patient after telling him I’m coming for his job next.

I guess every new beginning is simply some other beginning’s end.

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