3 Ruminations After 6 Cohorts of Ship30for30 and 330 Straight Days of Online Writing

In another month, I’ll have been writing online, every day, for a year.

But today marked the end of another Ship30 cohort. These usually signify a good vantage point to stop and take stock before the intercession voyages. Here are three thoughts after 330 days of online writing.

1.       It matters who you’re going with. One thing people say time and again is the sense of community is what keeps them going. I am no different. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this compounds the longer you are part of this.

Being surrounded by and encouraged by amazing friends and creators is insanely motivating. There’s a reason all the old writers used to hang out together in Paris. Ship30 is the modern writer’s parlor.

If you don’t believe me, I dare you to look up how many money-making products Ship30 alums come up with in the next year.

2.       This project has changed me in ways I never expected. I came here to write; not to be a better father, or a better husband, or a better salesperson, or a better golf even. But no shit all of these things actually happened. I didn’t just level up my writing, I leveled up my life. 

3.       Frontiers are still out there. After 11 months of writing atomic essays every day and threads every so often, it’s clear to me that there’s so much left to turn into small bets. Longer form writing, collaboration pieces, ghostwriting for dad’s looking to leave a legacy, a screen play, conquering LinkedIn and continuing to make real-life connections with amazing people.

When I consider what is yet to come, I’m daunted by the mountains yet to climb. But I’m encouraged all the same. I’ve summited some small ones now, and I can feel the breeze in my face. Progress is tangible and frustrating and exciting and fleeting all at the same time.

Get up. Show up. Get moving.

The best is yet to come.

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