Why Social Media is Ultimately About Choice and My Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

An unfortunate truth I realized today: I’m deeply conflicted about social media.

People built the most incredible and capable knowledge producing and sharing apparatus in human history. And yet, we have lost some grasp on both facts and truth. To some degree, we are now almost dumber even with our astonishing access to information that could enormously increase our understanding of the universe.

How did this happen?

And how does this influence what I’m trying to do?

After all, I come here every day to shout into the void along with millions of others around this planet.

Am I really fighting the good fight, as I so desperately hope? Or am I simply part of the larger problem? One of many constituting the “great raucous noise” of the internets. Does the sharing of my story, reading, education or experience do one bit of fucking good in the end?

I consider the endless stories of bullying, incivility, and even unvarnished hatred that stems from social media at times; the need to put on show; the masks we wear.

But then again, I consider what it can also be capable of.

It was the discovery of motivational videos and speeches that helped guide me to a spot that was emotionally ready for a massive physical and mental change. It was joining a community of amazing creators that caused me to elevate my game just to try to keep up. And it was the public sharing of those stories that brought heretofore unmatched discipline, clarity, and focus to my life.

Yin and Yang like nothing else.

Life is the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure.

Choose goodness. Choose inspiring people. Choose knowledge. Choose excellence. Choose love.

Choose to become that version of yourself you always kne

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