Okay, So You Got What You Wanted. Now What?

I opened the meeting with a question a 39-year-old man should probably avoid: “What do I do now?”

After being promoted to a job I’d had my eye on for the last couple years, I was left with the altogether (to me) unfamiliar feeling of needing to figure out what to do next after getting exactly what I wanted. I know; cry me a river, right?

So I sent a meeting notice to a mentor earlier this week titled “Now What?”

This mentor, being a good sport, laughed, apparently not knowing I was completely serious. I had come to realize I didn’t have a good plan for what happened next. I’ve been basically bragging about all this newfound focus only to discover that singular focal point acted like blinders to me.

Like a horse finishing a race, I wasn’t sure where to go next.

The main takeaways from the meeting? Trust the process. Check the ego monsters. Take care of your people.

Simple enough if not easy.

The magnitude of the opportunity in front of me isn’t lost. There is ample room to learn, grow, and earn the trust of talented people throughout a great organization. And it feels amazing to have arrived here on the basis on having earned it.

The ultimate confidence boost is setting out to do something hard, and then actually doing the damn thing.

It feels like the time to be bold. Boldness has a magic to it. And the world has a strange habit of making way for those who know where they’re going.

Have a great weekend y’all. I hope you do things you enjoy with people you love.

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