Sharks, Gluttony and Why the Easter Bunny Made Me Do It

It was the kind of day you need after a long period on the grind.

After getting up with the baby a couple times last night, my wife graciously let me sleep in. Once the baby got up, we got moving and spent the morning at the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati. The baby learned the word “blub blub” for fish in the past couple weeks and loves using it. He got his fill today.

My four-year old pet a shark today and that was big news in his young life.

After lunch and naps, we picked up the kid’s great-grandmother to head to an early Easter dinner with family. It was day of glorious sunshine and mild temperatures, harbingers of the springtime yet to erupt in full force here in southwestern Ohio.

We ate the kind of meal a person shouldn’t get used to, which made it even better somehow.

As the sun set, we drove home and reflected on how the cousins all played together; on the laughter they shared, and all the future memories yet to make as they go on through their lives. After putting our sweet children to bed, the wife and I got to play Easter Bunny and enjoy a few moments of peace.

Soon, our schedules will be much more directed by their activities.

The weekends will be filled with soccer and tee-ball practices. Birthday parties with full attendance lists will be a thing again soon. They’ll learn to ride bikes and then be off with their friends, in a way leaving us behind forever to some degree.

So today I soaked it in.

The sunshine. The hugs. The gluttony. The laughter. All of it.

Then I answered a work email.

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

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