Seth Godin Drops the Mic on Imposter Syndrome

My voice trembled slightly as I took myself off mute to ask famed author Seth Godin a video question earlier today.

In front of 400 leaders of my company.

Including the CEO.

Perhaps fittingly so, my question had to do with imposter syndrome as I stumbled through it.

I mentioned how as a brand-new sales leader I was particularly feeling it.

I didn’t say how 340 straight days of publishing online had done nothing to diminish this feeling at all.

His answer?

If you don’t suffer from imposter syndrome you’re probably a sociopath.

(Check notes)

Okay, good. Glad I can uncheck that box.

His answer struck me.

I figured after writing 20 bestselling books that might fade a little bit.

But it hadn’t. A globally accomplished author, nay the guru of marketing writing, told me point blank that it never goes away.

And that’s okay.

Because that fear keeps us from becoming complacent.

It keeps us from thinking we know everything.

Imposter syndrome keeps us moving forward precisely because it keeps us grounded.

It maintains our progression because we are constantly afraid that someone will find out that we are like those proverbial ducks.

Trying to look calm while our legs kick furiously under the water.

The moral of the story is simple.

Most of us will never outrun, outsmart, or outwork imposter syndrome.

It’s part of the deal.

It’s part blessing and part curse.

Embrace it.

The pain is part of the process.

Pay now so you can play later

They say iron sharpens iron. Join me in trying to live our best lives.

For more writing like this, follow me for daily thoughts on philosophical dad stuff and sales leadership.

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