When the Company Leadership Conference Becomes Your New Arena

This week my company is holding their annual leadership conference (virtually).

I’ve seen and heard from managers in the past who have underplayed such things, acting more with jaded disdain towards the training, discussion, and breakout groups that follow. Not me. I eat this stuff up.  

For what seems like the first time since graduating from business school and leaving Washington, DC a little more than 5 years ago, I am back in my element.

I’m also a new manager, so I’ve got this massive chip on my shoulder. It’s the son-of-a-bitch kind of chip that screams out “Look at me, I’ve got something to prove; but don’t look to close because I’m don’t actually know what I’m doing sometimes.” Admittedly this leads me to being a bit gung-ho sometimes.

You know the kind; the nerds never really change.

·         First to answer prompts and volunteer during Q&A

·         Wearing the corporate jacket

·         Showered that day and wearing real pants (what am I really trying to prove here?!?)

That’s me this week. It must be exhausting and ridiculous to see from the outside. But my secret weapon is the fact that I already know I’m going to look stupid, do stupid, and act stupid from time-to-time.

And that’s okay because that’s what happens when you go to the arena; sometimes you lose.

But sometimes you don’t; sometimes we win. The problem is: there’s only one way to find out.

So, guess I’ll see you in the arena.

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