How Cotton Candy Taught My 4-Year-Old an Important Life Lesson Today

It got real when the dessert cart came around.

In a fun but exhausting day, a unique opportunity presented itself.

My wife is out-of-town, and the baby was up a lot last night. Of course that meant the oldest was up at 6am ready to get rowdy AF. Feeling a bit ragged, I devised a plan to deal with their lack of sleepiness.

I was going to wear those kids out today.

After stops at the playground, Golf Galaxy, and Home Depot it was time for the main event of the day.

A minor league baseball game.

For the baby, it was his first sporting event. For the older one, it was his first game since signing up for summer tee ball, and he was interested in scouting out what it was all about. They were both all about the snacks though.

Enter dessert cart.

My oldest wanted cotton candy, but not just any cotton candy; he wanted the blue kind. I told him to go ask the server for what he wanted, and while I didn’t intentionally listen in, I was immensely gratified to hear him say “please” without being prompted.

3 other kids had their parents ask for blue cotton candy.

A few minutes later, the server returned with arm-full of cotton candy, but only one bag of the blue kind. She dropped down to one knee as she told my kid he got the last blue cotton candy because he asked politely.

Tonight, as he lay down for bed, I told him about the Golden Rule and had a spectacular real-life example to use. I told him how politeness never goes out of style. I told him how proud I was of him.

As a father to two young boys, I constantly question whether the example I am setting is the right one.

Today was one of those times when the data was good.

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