At Least Icarus Had a Nice View While He Fell

I suppose it was bound to happen.

My quest to tire out my kids, while successful, ultimately resulted in a pyrrhic victory.

Everybody ended the weekend exhausted and with the sniffles. Thinking about the weekend that was, I considered the story of Icarus, flying too close to the sun and melting his beautiful wax feathers before plummeting to the Earth. That’s kind of how it feels.

I mean just yesterday I wrote an essay about how polite my kid was; ego self-pumping if I’ve ever heard of it.

Today? Sniffles, a cough, and feeling devastatingly tired.

The fall from grace. Comeuppance. Just rewards even.

But the view must have been glorious even as Icarus fell.

We did father/son things this weekend. We went to all the playgrounds. We went to a baseball game. We bought a new golf club. We went to Home Depot. We collected rocks. We planted sunflowers and bell peppers and snapdragons. We read books, told stories, laughed, chased and played outside in the sunshine. My kids slept in my arms while I kissed their heads.

I felt particularly blessed in a life full of blessings.

Being a dad today is a wonderful thing. With muscles in our backs and a song in our heart, we can lift both furniture and the spirits in the room, subdue an intruder or wrestle dark thoughts to the ground. With so much negativity in the world today, it’s easy to forget how much influence we can have with a simple word of encouragement or kindness.

While a big fan of quotes, there’s one I can’t stand. It’s the old cliché that “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

I couldn’t disagree more.

Because the truth is, a man’s gotta do everything he can.

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