Want to Get Noticed? Try Turning on Your Camera During the Company-Wide Leadership Conferece.

In today’s corporate world, you need more than just good results.

Last week I did ONE thing that improved my personal brand more than anything else in the last 10 years.

And 98% of the senior leaders at my company didn’t do it during our annual conference.

That one thing?

I kept my camera on for 3 days.

During the entire leadership conference.

From keynote, to general sessions, to breakout rooms, to the optional networking forums.

That’s it.

Brutal consistency.

It’s funny how much more engaged you are when you feel that you’re being watched.

That focus led me to ask keynote speaker and famed marketing author Seth Godin a question on camera.

When only two people at the conference of 400 did so.

My heart was pounding when I took myself off mute in front of my entire company’s leadership.

But fortune favors the bold.

The only other person besides me to ask a question on camera during the keynote?

A senior leader with a treasure trove of experience, ideas and energy.

We met yesterday.

The first thing they said?

“People were talking about you last week.”

Many of us are still working from home, and some of us may not ever return to the office.

If we wish to get ahead, we have to change our tactics and adjust for the times.

Organizational dynamics have shifted.

We too must shift or risk being outcompeted by those who do.

A wise man once told me some things compound quicker than others.

Things like reputation.

Things like experience.

And things like relationships.

Start putting in so you can take out credit when the time is right.

You might be sitting there thinking this is kind of bullshit.

That simply being engaged and into the process can earn distinction is a bunch of malarkey.

And you’re right.

Results are still the ultimate career currency.

But one simple fact remains however:

If you’re trying to be uncommon amongst the uncommon, it takes more.

And it ultimately comes down to this.

If you want to get noticed, then do things worth noticing.

There has never been a time in human history when we have more agency over our destiny.

So just remember.

If you want to do something…

All you have to do…

Is do it.

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If not, that’s cool too. I appreciate you reading.

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