Nothing Weak About This Weekend

After what seemed liked weeks on the grind, this weekend was about release.

My wife and I went to see Shakespeare. We went out to dinner with friends. I went golfing with my father-in-law. I played with my kids and laughed and wrestled and did gardening projects.

Today was full of brilliant sunshine and joyful hours spent on the swing-set.

My heart is full. My belly is full. Our babysitters’ pockets are full.

As I sit here late Sunday evening taking stock of the week that was, my thoughts keep turning to tomorrow.

Freshly promoted into a leadership role, I did not deliver the results I hoped for in my first month.

What’s done is done. And tomorrow the scoreboard goes back to zero. A fresh start for new energy, new commitment, and new daring.

Each new level we reach is another new beginning; another chance to change.

And each new opportunity only drives home the simple fact that what got us here won’t get us to where we want.

The open road still softly calls. The blue oceans beckon like sirens.

The ships are begging to be burned; signaling no return and the final outcome of victory or death.

So rise and shine folks.

Welcome back to the grind.

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