Discover the Mountain that Will Make You or Break You

Progress is often disguised as discomfort.

It takes the form of those little alarm bells telling us to stop; that’s its not safe, that we have to turn back before it’s too late.

I’m a new sales leader; and experiencing some growing pains.

Over the weekend I felt some frustration at the results from April. It seemed like everything was one step forward then two steps backward. On top of that, imposter syndrome is kicking hard these days.

Then it occurred to me that if I am to hold my team accountable, I must also stand to account.

I realized my laissez-faire approach with a somewhat inexperienced team was a bit premature. The skills and talent are there, but we need more experience, more training, and more time to gel as a team. That responsibility is on me.

We haven’t yet earned the right to win.

Luckily, one of my hidden talents is reaching out to people who know more than me. A few years ago, I was beholden to a toxic ego monster that prevented me from improvement; blinding me to what held me back. But two years ago this month, I went to the arena with that toxic ego monster and only one of us came back.


I no longer fear not knowing the answer. I no longer fear being wrong. Or looking silly. Or stupid. Or inexperienced.

And that is my secret weapon.

The simple fact that I view this opportunity as starting again from the bottom.

My team didn’t get to taste victory this past month. I take that somewhat personally.

Sir Edmund Hilary didn’t successfully summit Mt. Everest on his first attempt. At a reception for the failed expedition, he is said to have shaken his fist at a photograph of the mountain exclaiming, “You defeated me. But you won’t defeat me again because you have grown all you can grow. And I have not!”

Looks like I have discovered my mountain.

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