Win the Day. One Damn Day at a Time.

After a week in which I questioned my abilities as a leader, I got back to my roots.

It’s funny how when we get results that aren’t even within our control all that much, we still attribute them to personal failures. We think we’ve been found out; our weaknesses discovered. We think we’ve been found forever wanting.

The reality of the situation is almost always different.

As for me, I got a nice reminder that what got me to this point is no longer good enough. Efforts must be doubled. I must learn to work both smarter and harder.

Luckily for me, I killed the toxic ego monster that ruled my psyche for so long.

Now I reach out for help when I need it. I ask other leaders what they’re doing that’s effective. I accept coaching, criticisms, and even compliments as well.

And so this week was about going back to school and learning from established business leaders.

Thanks to their largesse, I had motivating conversations throughout the week. And now stand better prepared to lead myself as well as others. Now to figure out how to translate that into results!

Years ago, I heard a football coach give his team a mantra to “Win the Day.”

It resonated with me then and still does. I considered how one successful day sets up us for the next, and the next, and so on and so forth. While one day does not spell ultimate victory; great lives are made from great years, which are made from great months, which are made from great days.

Win today.

Then go win tomorrow.

Then get greedy and win them all.

Happy weekend everybody.

School’s back in on Monday.

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