98% of People Think Cacti Are Pointy and Mean. They’re Right, but also Wrong.

98% of people think the cactus is pointy and mean.

Here are 3 reasons we should all be more like a cactus.

I have a couple large Cereus cacti in my garden.

Every year they bloom spectacularly…for a matter of hours.

The plant puts an enormous amount of energy into producing these exquisite blooms.

Flowers that nobody besides bats, moths, and a few cactus weirdos like me will ever see.

1.       Conditions are rarely perfect

The cactus is a hardy plant.

It doesn’t complain about the lack of rain.

It doesn’t complain about soil once a few basic conditions are met.

It just grows.

Constant and steady.

2.        Put energy into creating beautiful things

The cactus flowers once a year.

For about 9 hours.

The blooms are achingly beautiful.

They’re also memorable. Once you’ve seen them, you’ll never forget.

3.       Bloom in the darkness

Most of us do things because of what we get from it.

The kudos. The congrats. The backslaps.

The cactus blooms in the darkness, out-of-sight.

They don’t show up on front pages or magazine covers.

We should aim for this attitude as well.

Be like the cactus flower.

Bloom no matter who is watching.

Bloom for you.

The world needs more of it. Now more than ever.

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