The Night Before the 365th Straight Day of Online Writing

Tomorrow will make a year of writing online. 365 straight days of writing and publishing for the world to see.

I never thought it would come to this.

I honestly didn’t.

Ship 30 for 30 was supposed to be a 30-day challenge. It was supposed to give me the push I needed to get started. It was supposed to be the gentle encouragement to try a new thing.

Holy shit did I get what I bargained for.

Dickie and Cole were two dudes I followed on Twitter, and all these amazing people I now count as friends were completely unknown to me. I became part of a whole new tribe.

In the year that was, my life has transformed for the better, and that’s not hyperbole.

Sure, I became a better writer. But oh my gosh did that flow into other aspects of my life that I never even expected or even dreamed of for that matter.

I became a better husband and a better father.

This happened because I became more present and more conscientious through daily writing. I also realized how good I’ve got it, which made me into a more thankful and more gracious person.

I became a better coworker, a better leader, and a better sales professional.

This happened because through daily writing I became more focused and disciplined. My goals became clear and the path to get there as well.

I’ve been flaky my whole life and this daily practice gave me the gift of brutal consistency.

I became a better and more supportive friend.

This happened because the community embraced me and cheered for me. I realized I need to do more to cheer others on as well.

I became happier. I became more fulfilled and more engaged.

And it may just be a matter of opinion but I think you can get these results as well, if you want them.

The answers are out there.

But you have to stay on the path long enough to get them.


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