I Thought Writing Online for 365 Straight Days Would Fill Me with Selfish Pride. Instead, it Filled Me with Humble Gratitude.

3 Surprising Thoughts from the Past Year

1.       It’s Not about Me

A year ago, I set out on this path for selfish reasons, with selfish goals and selfish expectations.

Fortunately, I listened to the whispers in the wind, and for the first time in years I went beyond the bare minimum and turned it up to max volume.

It occurred to me that I could use myself as a cautionary tale of almost throwing it all away. So I leaned into my failures and shortcomings, warts and all.

Astonishingly, in doing so I found incredible catharsis and freedom.

But then something crazy happened; it also resonated with some people.

I’m not ashamed to admit I cried the first time someone told me my writing changed their life.

2.       Don’t feel confined to convention or what others are doing

I still don’t have sacred hours. I still don’t use much for templates. I still suck at headlines, and I haven’t unlocked the secret of the “thread”.

There is so much yet to learn.

And yet, 365 straight days of writing happened simply because I decided to do it.

I wrote on vacation.

I wrote when sick.

I wrote on travel days.

I wrote when I didn’t feel like it.

Every night I sit down, open a blank document and pay the muse her tithe.

3.       How to Beat the Grim Reaper

For a period of years, I lost myself and forgot our world is filled with endless possibilities for those who are willing to fight for them.

Going to the arena every day isn’t easy and it’s never going to be.

So always remember that we don’t beat the grim reaper by living long, we beat the reaper by living well.

How are you going to make your mark on the world?

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