Sick Kids, Sick Parents and My Brother’s Best Man Speech

When you’ve been grinding for a while, nothing catalyzes recommitment like a sense of backsliding, of forfeiting our hard-won gains.

I’m not glorying being sick and trying to push through it like some psychopath.

I’m not bragging about “one day of recovery” messing up my grind (lolz).

But the truth is, I’ve gotten used to that sense of progression; of winning the day.

I think about it; strive for it. I long for it even.

Leaving a lot of points on the field in various facets of my life that are important to me is a telling exercise.

I now have a better understanding of the type of boss I don’t want to be.

If writing every day has proven one thing, it’s that you also need the flops and the failures to keep learning.

And so I’m still grateful. Grateful for the kinds feeling better, grateful for my wife in sickness and in health, grateful for my team at work for suffering through my meetings today with me at 50%.

It reminded me of my brother’s best man speech at my wedding. He said while he would wish us nothing but joy and happiness, then maybe we wouldn’t even know the difference. All things are relative in life. So, he wished us just enough sadness to realize how blessed we really are.

A wise man, my older brother.

Sometimes we need a bit of the sickness to help us realize how good we’ve got it.

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